The Rural History Confederation (RHC) is an association of museums formed for their mutual benefit and dedicated to preserving the past and to promoting historical awareness of the region. A visit to one of or all of these unique historic museums will give you a comprehensive view of how southeastern Pennsylvania blossomed from a time period before the Revolutionary War into the industrial age.

Explore Pennsylvania’s diverse and rich history by creating your own tour of member sites that may include the topics noted below, and more…

  • Agriculture
  • Military History
  • Industry
  • Religion
  • Native Americans
  • Recreational Activities
  • Historical Architecture
  • Servants
  • Antique Furnishings
  • Archaeology
  • Genealogy
  • Living History

A trip through time to the Rural History Confederation sites is for all ages. From farm animals to fine arts, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Discover the small details of life in early America that history books omit. Learning about the past is an adventure for the whole family. The sights, the sounds, and the experiences of the past are waiting for you at the RHC member sites. Plan your visit today!

Interested in contacting us? Email us at ruralhistory@gmail.com

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